When You Don’t Understand What God Is Doing

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“When You Don’t Understand What God Is Doing”

#John 13:7(NLT)

By: Rev. Dr. Iniobong F. Udoh.

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t figure out what God is doing? If you haven’t been there before, don’t worry you will be there soon, there will be a season where you won’t understand what the lord is doing, but the good thing is that you will understand later.  Sometimes we ask ourselves, how come we follow God direction and still fail? Jesus is saying that you will understand later. Judges 20:18(NLT) they lost over 6000 men, could that be God? He spoke and they followed yet there was defeat, could that be God? Isaiah 50:10(NLT) it is possible to fear God and trust in Him yet there will be defeat or bad situations happening.

Trusting God and facing success is not always the case, there could be darkness, the darkness in not always the end of the matter Luke 1:6(NLT) what else does the lord need even after being righteous? For Elizabeth, could she have been barren even after her good record? Isaiah 50:11( NLT) be careful how you believe that things are working out for those who don’t know God, be careful how you get envious of them, the bible is saying you will soon see their reward at the end of the day. You will encounter some contradiction with your work with God, the lord is saying that you should keep trusting on Him.

What should we do when we don’t understand the ways of the Lord?

Keep holding unto the promises of God, don’t listen to the devil.  2 Corinthian 1:20(NLT), all his promises are yes and amen. Jeremiah 20:7 -11(NLT), Jeremiah was still holding unto God’s promises despise the contradictions, Psalm 91:2(KJV)  even in dark days, keep trusting on Him

Encourage yourself in the lord. Judges 20:22( NLT), 1 Samuel 30:6( NLT), even when you don’t understand, encourage yourself, don’t seek alternatives to God,  don’t become weary, wait on the lord, alternative will sometimes fight the truth.


1. Reaffirm your trust in God, tell the lord you will stick with Him, you trust in Him.

2. Tell the Lord you still love Him and trust in Him.

3. When Mary couldn’t understand what the lord was doing, she still leaned on Him, may we lean and trust in Jesus in every situation.

4. May the lord keep and preserve the children, whatever any child loss, may there be recovery and restoration, as they return to school for second term, may the lord return with them, and make everything beautiful.