Growth Through Community

Getting Involved is Simple

Jesus Christ

God’s Greatest Gift

Holy Bible

God wants you to grow in your faith—and one way to grow is through reading God’s Word and letting its truth sink deeply into our hearts and minds.


To raise and empower Christ-like role models by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the Word of God, and inspiring believers to stand firm in the faith.


To discover and develop, through the Word of God, the potential of our members and the university community for excellence in life and ministry.


We believe in The Trinity, The Person of Jesus Christ, Salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ, The Scripture and The Second Coming of Christ.


Proclaim Christ, Teach the Word of God, Inspire believers to stand firm in Faith, Educate and enlighten our members and the university community on biblical values.


Our God is a giving God and He loves to give. Believers are giving people, and in giving, we lose nothing. We give because God has given us and continues to give us.

Our Church Life

God’s Greatest Gift

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