April 5, 2023

The Wednesday Conspiracy

The Wednesday Conspiracy
At Easter Hymn Service, Town Campus 05/04/23
“The Wednesday Conspiracy”
#Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16 (KJV)

By Rev. Dr. Iniobong F. Udoh

Conspiracy dates back to the book of Genesis, In Genesis 3, we see the serpent conspiring with Eve to disobey God. Also, in Genesis 37, the brothers of Joseph conspired to have him sold to Egypt.

A nation, a family or an individual can be conspired against. In the Bible we come across a lot of conspiracies.

In 2 Kings 21:23 (KJV), we see how the servants of Amnon conspired and slewed him in his house.
In Acts 23:12, 40 men conspired to neither eat nor drink till Paul was put to death.

The elders in Matthew 26 needed someone to help them get Jesus, their plan was to do away with Jesus and stop His teachings and they were able to get Judas Iscariot to carry out their evil plan. Little did they know that their conspiracy was all a fulfilment of God’s plan so that we could have victory over death today.

A conspiracy is a secret agreement to do evil, a plot to carry out harmful acts, a secret plan or game.

God has a way of hiding his own from evil conspiracies, therefore regardless of the conspiracy made against us, it will not work. Psalm 64:2, Exodus 14:24-28 (KJV).

Haman also conspired against Mordecai but the gallows which he prepared for Mordecai was used to hang him in Esther 7:8-10 (KJV). In Daniel 6, Daniel’s co-workers conspired against him but at the end of the day, their conspiracy failed and Daniel was lifted.

Mark 14:55-56 (KJV) shows us that the false witnesses recruited against Jesus did not agree together. God is able to make every conspiracy made against you fail because the blood of Jesus has already paid the price for you.

1. Every demonic and satanic conspiracy against You shall not work in Jesus Name.
2. Thank Jesus for paying the price for you so that conspiracies made against you will not work.

3. Lord, every conspiracy against God’s people and the church in Nigeria fails now in Jesus Name.