April 16, 2023

Knowledge, The Key for Appropriating

Knowledge, The Key for Appropriating
At Sunday 2nd Service, Town Campus 16/04/23
“Knowledge, The Key For Appropriating”

By Bro. Enobong Umoh

Acts 17: 11(KJV) In the Pentecostal church today we take down notes during the service but in the orthodox church where most of us come from we didn’t use to write notes we just use to come and go, the funny thing is that though notes are written in the Pentecostal churches so many of them don’t look at the note after then they don’t read the notes they just keep the books till the next service. Have you ever gone back to compare notes? The bible has become mere church traditions, so many people don’t know where their bibles are until Sunday.

How often do you read the word? You won’t be able to appropriate the word except you study the word of God frequently. In those days the high priest had to study and prepare seriously before going into the holy of holies, he has to tie a bell around his waist while the people listen keenly to be sure that he was alright, any error in the holy of holies is death straight away. Study to show yourself approved. 2Timothy 2:15 (KJV).

How many of us have tried to read the bible through? It’s the word in the bible that serves as a defence. How will you know the word of truth? A pure example of this is a first class students work most, they don’t sleep 8hours a day this is because he has to maintain his position. If we most appropriate the transactions that took place at Gethsemane we need to study the word. What kind of vessel are you? Look at the passage 2 Timothy 2: 15-21. (KJV).

Soon we will get to that point where it will be word against word, a word for a word, can you match word against word? Daniel9:2(KJV) how many time s have you asked your father questions? Except you ask questions the men will not tell you anything. It is persistent questions that prompt answers. You need to check about your back ground, you need to make findings, to appropriate the sufferings of Christ it has to be knowledge based Joshua 8:3(KJV). How often do you meditate upon the word of God Joshua 1:8 (KJV). 2Corinthians 3: 8. Who are you before GOD?

Church will not judge you on the last day; it is God that will judge, it’s not about coming to church, is the word in you?

1. Ask God to draw you nearer to him

2. Ask God to help you make the bible an open book to be able to read not a closed book.

1. Draw me nearer

2. Rock of ages