April 6, 2023

Victory on Every Side

Victory on Every Side

At Victory PUSH Service, Town Campus 06/04/23

“Victory On Every Side.”
#1 Corinthians 15;57 ; Matthew4;8 (KJV)

By Rev. Dr. Iniobong F. Udoh

PUSH means To Pray Until Something Happens.

The direction of our pushing is to attain victory on every side.

1. Father i will never worship the devil, in return for never of his vain promises.
2. Luke 10;17-20. I tap the power from your name to be powerful ; to be successful and to make advancement.
3. Father by the blood of Jesus, every satanic influence in my life is dethroned in Jesus’ name
4. Pray for your family; every demonic influence is been dethroned right now.
5. Every demonic covenant , covering and oath over my family is destroyed in Jesus’ name
6. Matthew 27;52, Galatians 4;24 (NIV) Hagar represent mount Sinai in slavery with all her children.
7. By the blood of Jesus, we break the spells of bondage over Nigeria
8. Every womb that represent bondage is not in my linage
9. Father in this season and beyond; in bring my self under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to swallow up death and minister life to me.
10. Make personal prayers now.

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