April 7, 2023

Appropriating The Transaction At Calvary

Appropriating The Transaction At Calvary
Good Friday Service, Town Campus 07/04/23
“Appropriating The Transaction At Calvary”
#Luke 23:33 (KJV), Colossians 2:13-15 (NKJV)

By Rev. Dr. Iniobong F. Udoh

The eyes of the people are focused on different aspects of life. Few people turn their thoughts to Calvary when things turn against them. Calvary is that place where heaven and hell met and Heaven made way for our glorious day. Jesus died for the same people that mocked you and caused your death.

Some people love for what they can get, many love because of various reasons, but we look at Jesus and think what we ever did to deserve this kind of love?

Interestingly, today our world is focused on different aspects of life, many eyes are still on the Russian- Ukraine conflict, while some are on the dollar fluctuations, some are on the Nigerian politics, while some are on Nigerian movies and some on football. Many things catch our attention. The place many should look up to is not where they are looking, we should only look at Calvary.

Things to note about the transactions that took place at Calvary:
1. The most important event that will ever affect mankind took place at Calvary, the record of our charges was nailed there.
2. The best thing God did to humanity was to give the best He had to die for mankind. Romans 5:7 (MSG, NLT).
3. On the cross at Calvary was a place of payment, the sinless son of God paid the ultimate price for sinful men. 2 Corinthians 5:21 (MSG)
4. The sacrifice at Calvary was God’s rescue operation from all claims the enemy had on man. 1 Peter 1:18-19 (NKJV), 1 Corinthian 6:20 (NKJV, MSG).
5. At Calvary human’s complex problem was resolved. Anytime you are surrounded with complexity, look at the cross. Matthew 1:21(NKJV). Saved actually means decomplexified.
6. The sacrifice at Calvary facilitated the reunion between God and man. 2 Corinthians 5:18(NKJV).

7. vary became a cross over junction were those who were bound for hell were loose and crossed over to heaven. 2 Corinthians 5:21(NKJV) Calvary made us the righteousness of God.

How can we appropriate the transaction at Calvary?
a. At Calvary He took out unrighteousness so we can take his righteousness, 2 Corinthians 5:21 (NKJV).
b. At Calvary, He took our hurt and gave us His health. No one takes hurt and health together. Isaiah 53:5-6 (NKJV). At Calvary, pain came to an end.
c. At Calvary, He took our wretchedness and gave us His blessing, 2 Corinthians 8:9(NKJV).
d. At Calvary, He took our curse and made us curseless, Galatians 3:13-14(NKJV, MSG). He became the curse and dissolved the curse.
e. At Calvary, He took our death and gave us His life. John 18:6-7 (MSG), Hebrew 2:9 (MSG).

f. At Calvary He was despise so that we shall be esteemed. Isaiah 53:3(NKJV), 1 Peter 2:9(MSG).

a. I am not a cursed child, I am a blessed child.
b. I shall not die, but live to declare the works of the Lord.
c. He was rejected at Calvary so that we can be accepted. Because of Calvary, you are too accepted to be rejected by Man. Ephesians 1:5-6NKJV). Those who reject you are those that are anti-light, they are agents of darkness.
d. He took our grief and sorrows so we can experience Joy and pleasure. Isaiah 53:4(NKJV), Isaiah 61:1-3(NKJV). What gives God glory is those that experience Joy and pleasure.
e. He took our pressure and gave us peace. Isaiah 53:5(NLT, AMP)

f. He took our place in hell so that we can find our place in heaven.

When you look at Calvary what did you see, did you see Jesus die on the cross for you?

Have you appropriated the transaction of Calvary?

1. Thank God for Calvary.
2. Begin to appropriate the 10 blessings of Calvary upon your life.