April 16, 2023

The Efficacy of the Blood of Jesus

At Sunday 1st Service, Town Campus 16/04/23
“The Efficacy of the Blood of Jesus “

By Dr. Mfon Jeremiah

There are some characteristics of blood we shall consider:
1. Blood is Life.
2. Blood can cry. Blood cries for vengeance. Genesis 4:10, Revelation 6:10 (KJV).
3. Blood cries for judgement and justice for people still alive.
4. Blood can pursue. Ezekiel 35:16 (KJV).
5. Blood can stain someone hands. Isaiah 1:15 (KJV) A lot of people partake in bloodshed without knowing the implications of such actions; it might interest you to know that blood is powerful.

6. Blood can establish a generational curse in a family line. 2 Samuel 12:9-10 (KJV) Many things people suffer today may not be work of their hands but the works of others. The blood of Jesus cries for mercy while the blood of the innocent ones cries for vengeance, the blood of Jesus can neutralize every curse associated with anyone. The blood of Jesus speaks better things. Genesis 4:10 (KJV)

Benefits of the Blood of Jesus:
1. The blood speaks something better for us. Hebrews 12:24 (KJV).
2. The blood intercedes for us. Hebrews 7:25-27 (KJV).
3. The blood re-creates; it makes everything new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV).
4. The Blood of Jesus is the Blood of the new covenant: Matthew 26:28 (KJV) .
5. The blood of Jesus redeems us from every curse: Revelation 5:9 (KJV) Jesus’ blood redeems us from every evil works of the enemy.
6. The blood of Jesus is the price Jesus paid to purchase the church. Acts 20:28 (KJV).
7. We are justified by the blood of Jesus. Roman5:9 (KJV) When you are born again, no matter what transpired in the past, Jesus’ blood will bring peace.
8. The blood of Jesus brings peace with God, it reconcile us to God.

9. The blood of Jesus cleanses all sin. 1 John 1:7 (KJV) There is power in the blood of Jesus.


Jesus, every curse associated with bloodshed in my life, remove it.

There is power mighty in the blood…