March 26, 2023

Celebrating The Way Maker At Rehoboth

Celebrating The Way Maker At Rehoboth
At Sunday service Town Campus, 26/03/23.
“Celebrating The Way Maker At Rehoboth”
#Genesis 26:22-25 ( KJV)

By Rev. Dr. Iniobong F. Udoh.

Seasons Isaac Went Through:
In the course of the famine, Isaac has to go through 12 seasons
1. He had to go through a season of famine, and God made a way for him.
2. A season of instruction, He made a way for Isaac in the midst of the difficult situation.
3. A season of obedient despises prevailing hard circumstances. Whenever man obeys God he signs a covenant with God to make a way.
4. A season of fear Genesis 26:7 (KJV). God still made a way for him, his fear was unnecessary. God made a way for him and restrain the men from taking his wife.
5. He sowed in the land; naturally people don’t sow during famine. God made a way and none of his seeds died.
6. Season of envy, regardless God made a way for Isaac.
7. They told Isaac to leave, Genesis 26:16(KJV). It was a season of eviction for no just cause, because he enjoyed the way God made ways for Him.
8. A season of repeated battles.
9. It was a season of strive, God still made a way for Isaac. Genesis 26:20(KJV).
10. The season where your friends become your enemy
11. A season of continual relocation because of battles. There is always a way made for peace makers.

12. A season of rest at Rehoboth. God gave Isaac rest and made sure he entered his seventh day. Rest means to take a break from multiple struggles.

Things to note about the help of God:
1. The help of God ensures you are not vulnerable in life.

2. It ensures that your welfare is taken care of. Psalm 46:1-2(KJV). There was famine in the land but God took care is Isaac and his entire family, Psalm 46:1(KJV). The help of God is the most reliable.

Why did Isaac decide that God has made a way for him?
1. Isaac must have looked back and realize God made a way for him even when he didn’t ask God. Hebrews 4:16 (KJV)
2. God made his enemies to seat with ease with him and made a covenant with him.

Take a stock of what God has done for you while forgetting what has not been done. Thank God for all the things He has done for you.

1. Tell God to make a way for you.
2. Lord as your favour located Isaac may your favour locate us.
3. Lord may we enter our season of rest today.

4. Lord make a way for us as a Nation.


God will make a way.


We declare that all pains be removed from our lives.